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The Needle size isolator is applied in 1310nm, 1550nm telecommunication wavelength, based on Inteoptix special, unique Fiber-lens technology, fabricate smallest isoaltor in the world, package size  are Φ2.5x15mm(single stage)andΦ2.5x17mm(dual stage).The Needle size isolator features below characateristics:

1. Performance.
The Insertion loss and Isolation can be compatable with current normal package size isolator in the market, say Φ5.5x30mm, or Φ3.0x25mm.
Single stage: Insertion loss/Isolator ~ 0.3dB/32dB;
Dual stage: Insertion loss/Isolator ~ 0.4dB/50dB.

2. Reliability.
The Needle size isolator can pass Telcordia 1209 and 1221, with RoHs compliance.

3. High Power Handling (CW laser 3W)
The special feature is come from it's unique process and technology, the fiber lens technique enlarge collimator output beam diameter, which can help component handle high power.
The isolator has been proven can handle 2~3 watt continuous wave laser for longterm test.

For more information, please visit the specification <Needle size isolator>

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The Needle size isolator is applied in 1310nm, 1550nm tel...

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