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IP67 Water and Dust Prooing Duplex FullAXS Connector Cable/Assemblies for Outdoor Applications 
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Code: GP-W81601 Brand: GAPHO

IP67 Water and Dust Prooing Duplex FullAXS Connector Cable/Assemblies for Outdoor Applications

Next generation WIMAX and Long Term Evolution (LTE) Fiber To The Antenna (FTTA) connectivity designs require rugged cable assemblies for outdoor use. For direct connection these cable assemblies need to plug directly into the optical transceivers though a bulkhead construction. For this specific application the connector design will need to accommodate for a large tolerance in Zdirection. Furthermore the connector shell needs to allow for easy one handed mating. The FullAXS connector system meets this requirement by allowing for a large Zdirection tolerance while also offering the benefit of onehand installation of the connector shell. With this new product offering, users can also conveniently remove and replace transceivers through a cutout in the bulkhead that completely eliminates the need to open the entire remote radio box and expose its contents to hazardous weather conditions. For the optical connection, the connector system includes an industry-standard duplex LC interface for fast mating with all LC duplex SFP transceivers.

The FullAXS connector can be designed for either single mode or multimode optical transmission applications. Use the cable assembly firmly establish themselves through the bulkhead is directly inserted into the optical fiber transceiver is directly connected to the WiMax and LTE in FTTA application.

Optical performance





Insertion Loss


Return Loss

≥50 dB (PC), ≥60 dB (APC)




0.2dB Max. 1000 mattings

Operating Temperature


Storage Temperature



·         Open bulkhead for easy access to SFP

·         Positive mechanical feedback to operator when fully mated

·         One-hand mating

·         Plug has tolerance free design, fully free floating on Z-axis

·         No Cable buckling during or after installation

·         Cost effective metal die cast bulkhead

·         Field installable version available

·         Water proof, dust proof and corrosion resistant

·         Good mechanical and environmental characteristics;

·         Flame retardant characteristics meet the requirements of relevant standards;

·         The mechanical characteristics of jacket meet the requirements of relevant standards;

·         Soft, flexible, water blocked, UV resistant, easy to lay and splice, and with big capacity data transmission;

·         Meet various requirements of market and clients

·         Bulkhead cutout allows for removal of transceiver through the bulkhead (no need to open PRH for transceiver replacement)

·         Robust bayonet locking for easy, fast, and secure mating




Connector type


Insertion Loss


Return Loss








Fiber Length

1m, 2m….. any length optional.

Length and tolerance


Operating Temperature

-20C ~ +85C

Storage Temperature

-20C ~ +85C


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