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3Ch Raman WDM 
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3Ch Raman Wavelength Division Multiplexer

The Raman Wavelength Division Multiplexer (Raman WDM) Module is manufactured by using thin-film filter technology, it used to separate and combine different signal wavelengths at 1450nm,   1550nm, and 1660nm (or1650nm). It's featured with low inserion loss and high isolation. It's widely used in raman sensor or other fiber test or meaurement systems.

◇ Application:

  Distributed Temperature System

  security prevention monitoring system

  Fiber Optical Amplifier

  temperature transmitter


    Low Insertion Loss

    High Channel Isolation

    High Stability, High Reliability

    Epoxy-free on Optical Path

◇ Specifications:

◇ Ordering information:      CWDMR-1-250-1-1-FC/APC/UPC

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