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WDM Device-Array Waveguide Grating AWG


As we know, DWDM technology can transmit dozens of wavelengths in a single fiber, which greatly expands the transmission capacity of optical fiber communication system. The earliest wavelength division multiplexing / demultiplexing module used in the DWDM system is based on the dielectric film filter TFF, as shown in figs .1 and 2. both are series structures, and different wavelengths experience different numbers of devices in the module, resulting in different power losses. As the number of ports increases, the loss uniformity of the DWDM module deteriorates. At the same time, the maximum loss at the last port is another factor that restricts the number of ports. Therefore, DWDM modules based on TFF technology usually have no more than 16 channels.



However, a typical DWDM system, which usually transmits 40 or 48 wavelengths in a single fiber, requires a multiplexer / demultiplexer with a larger number of ports. WDM modules of the series structure will accumulate too much power loss at the back port, so a parallel structure is needed to reuse / demultiplexing dozens of wavelengths at one time. Array waveguide grating AWG is such an optical device. array waveguide gratings are commonly used for optical multiplexer Optical (de) multiplexers in wavelength division multiplexing WDM systems. these devices are able to incorporate many wavelengths of light into a single fiber, thereby improving the propagation efficiency of the fiber network.

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